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SIA Auditorfirma Grāmatvedības un revīzijas birojs


Lic. No: 189
Registration No: 41202015093
Provider of audit services in the name of the firm:

Aija Kurta
cert. No 128

Board members of the firm: Aija Kurta
cert. No 128


Aija Kurta

cert. No 128
Valid licence: No
Status of lic.: Annulled voluntarily on 12.04.2021.



LACA is responsible for certification, monitoring of activities, quality control over the audit services, initiating disciplinary cases, reviewing, investigation and stating the disciplinary action.

The supervision over LACA at the state level is performed by the Ministry of Finance.

International organizations:

Accountancy Europe  The International Federation of Accountants  Lietuvos auditorių rūmai  Audiitorkogu

Public authorities:

logo5 State Revenue Service Financial and Capital Market Commission The TreasuryThe State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia

Latvian organizations:

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry   Employers Confederation of Latvia 


logo4The Latvian Association of Accountants